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The Integrated Virtual Learning Environment is a learning management system designed to facilitate and supplement teaching at the National University of Singapore.

IVLE is designed to:

  • Ease the administrative work of students,
  • Provide more opportunities and avenues for staff and students to collaborate and communicate,
  • Promote explorative and independent learning and
  • Provide a one-stop access to all learning resources at the University.

To achieve its objectives, IVLE has a rich set of online tools and resources such as distribution lists, class rosters, forums, assessments, assignment workbins, calendars, lesson plans, module websites and personal organizers all designed to facilitate collaboration, communication and promote independent learning.

It is at the same time integrated into the University's administrative and library systems to facilitate class administration and knowledge management.



Printing and PDF

The IVLE guide is now fully online. If you want to have a hardcopy, you can:

  • Print the relevant page(s) by going to File > Print on your browser; or
  • Export a page, selected pages or the entire guide as a PDF for offline reference. Learn how to export to PDF. This link goes to another wiki. Please open in a new tab/window.

Please think of the environment before you print!

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