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About the Workspace

After logging into IVLE, you will be taken to the IVLE workspace. The workspace is your main ‘spring-board’ to all the resources and tools on IVLE.  The workspace is divided into sections - Student Modules, Bookmark Modules and Corporate Courses. Below shows the Student Modules section.


2.0 The Workspace Banner

2.1 Profile, Subscription, My Grades, Log Out

When you click on your name, you will see option to update your profile, subscribe in advance to selected tools, view the grades released by your module’s lecturer and be able to log out from IVLE.

2.1.1 Profile

You can change and update some of the information through the profile. For example, displaying your photograph, updating your nickname and mobile number. Just click Edit to update and save the changes.

figure 2.3

2.1.2 Subscription

Subscription allows you to ‘register’ in advance to the Announcement, Forum and Files tool. By subscribing, you will receive through e-mail or hand-phone notifications on any changes or upcoming expiry dates to the tools that you have subscribed to. By subscribing, you can decide when you need to take action on the tools as all information will be sent to your email or hand-phone.  At any time, you can un-subscribe from the tools.


Email                            - if you want to be notified by e-mail.

Send to Mobile             - if you want to be notified through your mobile phone. Please ensure that you have updated your hand-phone number through IVLE’s profile page.


2.1.3 My Grades

For modules that have continuous assessments, participation grades, etc. My Grades displays the grades achieved for the current semester. Grades can only be seen if they are released by the lecturer for the module.

2.2 Home, Notification, Search, Statistics, Email and IVLE Help



The home icon, takes you to the main page of IVLE. This in case you need to read the News messages again and access other resources.


The number above the bell notification icon informs you that you have ‘x’ number of IVLE notifications. Click on the icon to see the notifications.

Notification can range from files uploaded, forum postings, closing dates of folders, announcements posted, etc. It is important that you click on the notification icon to see changes to your module.




The magnifying glass icon allows you to search for modules on IVLE.


This provides access to NUS WEBmail.




This allows you to feedback to the IVLE team on any issues that you have with IVLE. There is also a feedback forum that you can use to post your queries.




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