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These instructions assume that you have enabled Turnitin submission in IVLE Files.

 Instructions to navigate to the module's Files (Workbin)...

Log in to IVLE.

In the IVLE Workspace, click the desired Module code.

Click module code

Click Files (Workbin).

Click Files (Workbin)

In Files (Workbin), if You are in Preview Mode, click to switch to Edit Mode.

Click to switch to Edit Mode.

Click the respective Turnitin submission folder.

If you click the Turnitin submission folder while in Preview Mode, you will see the Assignment Dashboard instead. This is the upload (student) interface without any files list.

Click Turnitin Submission Folder

The Assignment Inbox will open in a new tab/window.

The link above leads to Turnitin's documentation on the Assignment Inbox.

It has the most updated information about the Assignment Inbox.

Assignment Inbox. Click to expand.

You will see your students' submitted files in a list here.

You can:

  1. search by author / paper title
  2. download original files, standard PDFs, as well as grade report spreadsheet and GradeMark PDFs (if you used GradeMark)
  3. order by paper title, paper ID, uploaded date or similarity index
  4. view similarity reports by clicking on the paper titles or the similarity index
  5. comment on and mark papers
  6. re-submit papers on behalf of students
  7. download individual papers