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Our releases includes fixes, performance improvements, architecture changes as well as new features. 

11th August 2016

  • Include switch button to toggle between the active and the deleted guest accounts in the Guest Bank.

  • On the workpace, for the modules you are teaching, it will only include the teaching modules with lecture.

13th July 2016

  • Bug fix on the order in displaying the archived lesson plan events.

3rd March 2016

26th February 2016

  • Forum - Set the default heading which users are currently viewing when they click on "new post" button.
  • Forum - Include All Headings in the drop down list and display topics under all headings by default in topic listing page.
  • Forum - Added unread forum post page.
  • Assessment - Corrected duration calculation for assessments which can be resumed.
  • Assessment - Show Detailed question analysis for Multiple Response Questions.

23rd February 2016

  • What's new page  - Display user's activity such as  New topic,New reply for forum.
  • Lesson Plan -  Enhance the display of unpublished summary and weeks with a different background colour to better distinguish between unpublished and published ones.

22nd February 2016

  • Multimedia Bank - Move files from one folder to another.
  • Forum - Participation Summary report with date range

10th February 2016

  • Gradebook - Allow multiple creation of grade items at one go. 


3rd February 2016

  • New Feature - Batch folder creation for multiple class groups

2nd February 2016

  • Multimedia - Download button is now shown if download is allowed when viewing from Lesson Plan

29th January 2016

  • New Feature - Export all vote Poll to excel
  • UI enhancements and Bug fixes.
  • Multimedia - New activity report.
  • Web Lecture - New Activity report.
  • Forum - Lecturer can change the option of forum post display under Settings page.

  • Forum - added cookie to hide the welcome  message of forum once the user click close icon from message

18th January 2016

  • Ability to search for users using matriculation/student number.
  • Bug fixes.

14th January 2016

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Gradebook.
  • New folder status "No Access": No Access status will be displayed for a IVLE Folder if no groups or students were set to access this folder.

  • UI enhancements and bug fixes.

8th December 2015

  • New feature in in-Video Assessment 
    - Attempt limit setting: Lecturer can set how many attempts student can answer for each question. (The answers for every attempt are captured.)

  • New feature in in-Video Assessment
    - New Question Analysis reports:
    • Summary report


    • Detailed report

  • UI enhancements and bug fixes

20th November 2015

  • New Feature in In-Video Assessment

    Instead of uploading the video file, staff can import video from Multimedia Bank or from Camtasia Relay (deprecated) directly into In-video assessment.

  • UI enhancements and bug fixes.

3rd November 2015

  • Add Media under Quick Actions from Workspace.

         You can add Media files directly from the [Quick Actions] button.

  • Multimedia Bank - Added new option to transfer ownership of folder. 

29th October 2015

  • Page Title - User-friendly page title for easier navigation.
  • Files (Workbin) - Allow student to view their marks in student submission folder after instructor re-open the folder to students.
  • Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

19th October 2015

  • Workspace - Check Accessibility [New Feature]
    Allows one to find out why a staff or a student is not able to access certain resources in your module.
  • Forum - Threaded view [New Feature]
    Users are able to switch from forum threaded view when viewing the postings in the topic.
  • Forum - Read/Unread Indicator
  • Forum - Staff/Student Indicator
  • Homepage - Included the Legal and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • Bug Fixes

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