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On opening Examplify some Windows users may see this error or after installing or updating Examplify,  


To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Close Examplify.
  2. Right click desktop and Choose ‘ Display Settings’.


  3. Locate the 'Resolution' section and check the screen resolution must be 1280x768 or higher.


  4. Locate the ‘Scale and layout’ section and must be set at 100%.


  5. Close the Display Settings window
  6. Open Examplify and login again.

Important Note:

The scale must be at 100% as anything past 100% risks information being cut off or stretched during an exam such as timer display, blurry information, tool kit not being accessible, and general cut off of Examplify visual details and tools. (see below image for illustration)

Scale set past 100%:
Timer remaining is not shown. 

Scale set  at 100%:
Timer remaining display the hours.

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