Step 1: Before you download Examplify, checked that your laptop OS is supported. Refer to Device Minimum System Requirements

Step 2: Go to 

Step 3: Click Login button underneath the 'Exam Takers' .
             Ensure this page is fully loaded until you see the login button ONLY.


Step 4: Login with your NUSNET ID credentials. 
            Enter nusstu\eXXXXXXX; followed by your password.


Step 5: Download Examplify and complete the installation process. 


For Window User, check step 6 and step 7 if any.
For Mac user, check step 6 if any.

Step 6: If you have installed anti-virus installed in your laptop, create an exclusion within your anti-virus software. Refer to this link to add exclusion 

Step 7: After installing Examplify, if you are prompt "Recommend System Requirements:. refer to this link Minimum Screen Resolution Required is 1280x768 to adjust your screen.


Step 8: Click this link on how to registering Examplify on your laptop (Win & Mac)

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